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What We Do

EQ LEADERSHIP Masterclass – Leading with Emotional Intelligence


Emotional Intelligence is recognised as the ‘must have’ leadership skill.

Our popular EQ Leadership workshop shows how to turbo-charge your self-confidence and coach resilience and high performance in others.


Building Positive Teams

positive teams_1600x500-min

We all want work to be a positive and engaging experience.

  • Do you want to build positive teams?
  • Do you want to support staff through stress or change?
  • Do you want to build a positive culture of wellbeing at work?


Positive Psychology and Wellbeing at Work

Positivity at work_1600-min

Positive psychology is the science of human flourishing.  Positive psychology is an evidence-based approach to increasing workplace happiness, wellbeing and fulfillment.   Discover the 5 keys to human flourishing.